How to Choose the Best Night Guard For Teeth Grinding

If you suffer from teeth grinding, you should consider wearing a night guard to help reduce the effect. You can get one that fits your mouth and is comfortable Beenz. Many of them are also one-size-fits-all, so you don’t have to worry about getting a custom-made one.

There are many types of night guards available. There are hard night guards made of hard acrylic, which are great for severe grinders. However, they’re also more uncomfortable and often more expensive. There are also hybrid night guards that are made of both hard and soft materials. These may work well for people with moderate to severe bruxism easysolution24.

Another good option is a surgical nylon night guard. These guards can help protect restorative dental work and alleviate jaw pain thedigitalscale. Without a night guard, teeth grinding can lead to long-term pain that can manifest itself in migraines, stiff jaw muscles, and pain in the ears. You can get a custom-made night guard from a dental practice such as Dean Dental Solutions.

The thickness of the night guard should be around 2 millimeters world247zone. Anything thicker can be uncomfortable and may not allow you to close your lips while sleeping. Thicker night guards may also cause occlusal problems as they force the teeth apart, straining TMJ. Different people grind their teeth differently, so the ideal night guard thickness will vary depending on your grinding habits and the amount of comfort you can tolerate forexbit.

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