What Does the Lyric Lets Marvin Gaye and Get It On Mean?

What Does the Lyric Lets Marvin and Get It On Mean? explains the song’s context. “It’s not love,” Marvin sings, calling war “a groovy party.” In a wry remark about our society, Gaye is trying to temper our aggressive approach to war. He calls it “a groovy party, but not love.” Nevertheless, his message is still clear.

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This song was made famous in the late 1970s. Its lyrics, which focus on the notion of sexual desire, were first recorded in Hitsville West, Los Angeles. After the group broke up, Gaye pursued a solo career and released numerous hits. In addition to becoming the most successful solo artist of all time, Lets Marvin Gaye and Get It On has been hailed as a landmark album.

“What’s Going On” is one of the most famous and influential songs by Marvin Gaye. Its lyrics have been used for many years to protest social injustice in the U.S., including the Watts riots in 1965, which left at least 34 dead and 1,032 injured. Besides being a powerful political song, What’s Going On’ lyrics are also deeply moving. Marvin Gaye understood that music was his only way out of struggle. He translated his love of community into melodic lines odisha discom.

The lyrics were originally written by Mowtonw member Renaldo ‘Obie’ Benson, who saw police brutality and anti-war cries while in prison. The lyrics were subsequently altered by Marvin Gaye to match his style. He retreated to a coastal town in Belgium to rest and recover. His depression and cocaine addiction had subsided, but the singer still felt well enough to record new material. While in Ostend, Gaye invited writer David Ritz to write his autobiography. After the murder of his parents, Gaye had split from Motown Records.

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